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About Us

With over 35 years of specialised experience in short and long hauling and towing, Services Routiers Unipro Ltd proudly serves the Greater Montreal area, including both the north and south shore. Whether you need to tow your car, haul a maritime container, move construction or agricultural equipment or move your RV (across Quebec, Ontario or to the US), Services Routiers Unipro Ltd has the staff and equipment necessary to serve you quickly and courteously.

Remorquage Unipro was founded in 1982 by Lawrence Berry, and in 1997 the company was taken over by his son Stéphane, who renamed it Services Routiers Unipro Ltd. Stéphane built on his father’s attention to detail, punctuality, quality of equipment used for transportation, lifting and towing, and taking care of a team of experienced and well-trained personnel. Stéphane’s son Francis is also a member of the team, and is currently learning the ins and outs of the business from his father. He is eagerly looking forward to carrying on the proud Berry family tradition as a third generation member.

Services Routiers Unipro Ltd has grown to 15 employees, of which 12 are professional drivers. The Berry tradition includes providing their employees with an intensive four week training program, which includes modules on truck maintenance, customer service quality and satisfaction, equipment handling and accident prevention. Some of the key qualities that the Berrys focus on are timely arrival for pre-arranged and emergency hauling and/or towing, a particular attention to the extensive and daily maintenance of their high quality equipment, and a deep commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

If you every stop by the Services Routiers Unipro Ltd location or need to call them, you’ll most likely meet Stéphane personally, who is always on the job, answering calls in a friendly manner and ensuring that the delivery of his services are always top notch. For Stéphane and his team, the client is at the centre of their business, and you’ll appreciate their attention to details and quality and timely service.

As Services Routiers Unipro Ltd moves into its fourth decade of serving clients in the Greater Montreal area, Stéphane and his team are looking forward to meeting new clients and helping them get the short or long hauling or towing job they need done both quickly and with a smile!