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Our Equipments

Services Routiers Unipro Ltd is proud of its fleet of trucks and trailers. Regularly maintained by our highly trained professional staff and driven by experienced professional drivers, Service Routier Unipro can haul or tow the smallest to the largest car, truck, or piece of equipment.


16 Ton Semi-Heavy Tow Truck equipped with two 15,000lb winches each, with a telescopic boom

This truck can be used for towing vehicles ranging from small cars, to pick-up trucks and semi-heavy trucks. Across Quebec, Ontario or the Northeast United States, they’ll get it their safely and securely.

Landoll 51’ long 60,000lb trailer with three sliding axels.

The 51’ trailer can lower to ground level, and can transport cars, construction or agricultural equipment (such as scissor lifts, loaders and compact excavators) or containers up to 40’ long.

Tractor/Tow Truck

This heavy duty tractor/tow truck is ideal for emergency truck exchanges.

24’ lowbed trailer, 3 or 4 axles. Also available with a 2 or 3 axle jeep dolly

The 24’ trailer is perfect for transporting very heavy loads. These can include construction equipment, bulldozers, large excavators or agricultural or other types of equipment weighing up to 109,000lbs in normal period.

26’ tip flatbed tow truck

The flatbed truck is perfect for mid-sized towing and hauling, and can be used for transporting cars, scissor lifts, construction machinery, containers up to 20’ long, loads of wood, piping or even docks.

50 ton sliding rotator with a 3 stage boom, equipped of 4 winches.

The 50 ton sliding rotator can be used for leveraging work (raising buildings or other equipment) as well as for heavy vehicle towing.


24’ tip platform tow truck equipped with a curtained canvas and winch

The 24’ tow truck with curtain is the perfect transportation solution for moving scissor lifts, antique cars and other pieces of more fragile machinery.

21’ tip platform tow truck with winch

This smaller tow truck is normally used to move cars and smaller vehicles.

Feel free to give us a call to find out what truck and/or trailer is best suited for your project, and they’ll he happy to help you complete your haul or tow quickly and courteously.